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I don’t pick places just willy-nilly to highlight here, so you are not going to see a huge wall of links. But these links take you to places which I have been to frequently, have talked with the creator, or otherwise have vetted. In other words, if you’re at all interested in the subject(s), these are worth your time to check out.

Transgender Advocacy

The Face of Trans is a project started by a good friend of mine which hopes to spread awareness of how we are a large, vibrant, and positive community. Their motto is “Ordinary People – Extraordinary Lives.”

Transgender Children and Parenting was started by good friends of mine, who are the parents of a transgender child, to offer support and educational resources to other parents with gender non-conforming children. The site provides useful tools to advocate for children’s well-being with pediatricians, mental health professionals, schools, social service organizations, religious groups, family and friends.

Transgender Allies Support

The Kansas City Area SOFFA group (for Significant Others, Friends, Family, and Allies) is already highlighted on this site. For additional information, this Facebook page also contains Kansas City area SOFFA information.

Transgender History

A Gender Variance Who’s Who, run by historian and researcher Zagria, is an incredible compendium of historical and personal vignettes and photographs of transgender, crossdressing, and other gender-variant people. What I like most about her site is that she typically has good references and citations to back up her articles.

Crossdressing Information

Bluestocking Blue is the blog of a researcher who happens herself to be a crossdresser. Her articles are very well-written and researched, as well as being informative and entertaining.

Sister House is a gathering place for both the crossdressing and the greater transgender community. This site has been run with great care and detail by Tasi and many others, and like myself they really adore the history and culture of our people. They also have a large number of resources for dress, makeup, and comportment for feminine transgender persons.

Art, Photography, and Creative Works

The photographs of transgender women of Sydney, Australia which I have shared samples of for critical viewing are from the Barry Kay Archive. The Archive honors the artistic achievements of the stage and costume designer and photographer Barry Kay, to help maintain awareness and encourage appreciation of Kay and his creations.

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