Obsessing Over Cultural Gender Norms: What’s the Problem if Girls Act Masculine?

I like this article, which gives many concrete examples as well as expounding thoughtfully on “the gender trap” which most of Western civilization has bought into lock, stock, and barrel.

From the article:

Gendering kids starts immediately after birth, when we wrap a baby in a pink blanket or a blue one. Babies have no idea what they’re even wearing and just need to be kept warm. It’s parents who buy into the binary, and the rest of us who are thoroughly uncomfortable when they don’t. There’s the yellow aisle of gender-neutral toys and apparel, but show up to a baby shower with a pink onesie for a male baby and see what kind of looks you get…

While gender identity is a real thing, the trappings we put onto gender – the colors, the clothes, the assumed preferences – are all cultural, not natural. There are certainly behavioral patterns that are influenced by hormones and body chemistry, but we don’t know exactly what, or to what extent. We can take educated guesses, but we’ve never lived in a world without cultural constructs around gender, so pinpointing “X personality characteristic is male” becomes impossible.

(emphasis added)

Obsessing over cultural gender norms: What’s the problem if girls act masculine? | The Raw Story.

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  1. caroline

    Una, I completely LOVED the medical article on the probable etiologies of TS. Thanks for your hard work. I’m going to post it as a link on both my FB page and web site. Please note that all the so-called “intersex” conditions are now called Disorders of Sexual Development and lumped together comprising the new endocrine lingo. Hope this helps.

    I have asked Lynn Conway for your introduction to her. Would you like to meet Jill Jacobson, the endo at Children’s Mercy who takes care of all my kids with blockers and hormones? She is chock-full, as you might assume, with layers and layers of knowledge and on top of that is quite nice.


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