National Tally on 2012 Anti-LGBTQ Violence Released

While some improvements were noted in the massive report, transpeople still get the short end of the stick. From the report:

“The homicide rate for 2012 is the fourth highest since NCAVP began reporting, and severe violence against people of color, transgender, gender non-conforming and HIV-affected people remains alarmingly high. The report finds that 73 percent of all homicide victims in 2012 were people of color, yet LGBTQ and HIV-affected people of color only represented 53 percent of total survivors and victims. The overwhelming majority of homicide victims were African American (54 percent), followed distantly by Latinos (16 percent), Whites (12 percent), and Native American (3.85 percent). More than half (62 percent) of victims were women, many of whom identified as transgender women.”

via National Tally on 2012 Anti-LGBTQ Violence Released :: EDGE Miami.

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