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UPDATE 25 January, 2017: Some of the information on this page is no longer accurate, as I’ve been informed there are other ways now to change your name. Please only use the information on this page as suggestions or as an alternate method for going about this. I have tried working with Missouri attorneys to update this information, but thus far none has wanted to volunteer their time (I guess it does take money away from them). If no updates can be made I will hide this page by 30 April, 2017.

This page contains links to several files sent to me by Jamie Glistenburg, and they were once reported to be the most current policies and procedures for changing your name and gender marker on Missouri legal identification. This is now in question.

Because I am far from an expert on Missouri law and procedures, I will quote from Ms. Glistenburg directly.

Mo. Ann. Stat. § 193.215(9) was officially invalidated via court orders 13AR-CV00157 and 13AR-CV00240. Here are virtual copies of the orders so that you can make the appropriate notifications and changes in policy. Furthermore, I have also included “templates” if you are interested in circulating them to those in need of the “official” precedent order forms.

EDIT (July 4, 2013): My use of the word “invalidation” seems to be more than what is provided for by my court orders in lieu of gender recognition. Rather, my court cases seem to correct an evident injustice that will lead to a successful and firm invalidation of the particular law in question. For purposes of civility and respect of the courts I hereby offer myself up for in-depth scrutiny so that all trans* individuals may have equality and recognition.

In regard to the templates, they should be filed separately for two different court appearances (or for the same appearance with the name change docketed first) and should be ordered as such… 1) for the first order: name hearing notice, name change petition, name change judgement, and the order of publication; 2) for the second order: gender hearing notice, gender medical affidavit, gender petition, and gender judgement. NOTICE: NOTHING IN THE TEXT SHOULD BE CHANGED EXCEPT FOR THE PARTS THAT REQUIRE A COUNTY, A CITY, A DOCTOR, A NAME, OR OTHER PERTINENT PERSONAL INFORMATION (ANY CHANGES IN ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE ESSENTIALS RISK THE MISSOURI COURTS REJECTING THE INITIAL PETITION STAGE).

The following items are links to the templates which I was sent.

Missouri – Name Change Petition Template

Missouri – Name Change Petition Order Example

Missouri – Name Change Hearing Notice Example

Missouri – Name Change Judgment Example

Missouri – Letter to Vital Statistics for Birth Record Name Change – Example

Missouri – Letter to Vital Statistics for Birth Record Gender Marker Change – Example
Jamie Glistenburg has graciously provided a real example of her name change judgment order. (Note – this is a large file and may take a few seconds to load)

Missouri – Gender Recognition Petition Template

Missouri – Gender Recognition Medical Affirmation Template

Missouri – Gender Recognition Hearing Notice Example

Missouri – Gender Recognition Judgment Example

Jamie Glistenburg has graciously provided a real example of her gender change judgment order. (Note – this is a large file and may take a few seconds to load)

10 thoughts on “Missouri Transition Information

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  2. michellewhitney

    I need to change my name from Michael Wayne Boone to Michelle Whitney Boone but I am not sure as to how to do this properly, the above is some what confusing.
    The second part for gender change, is that after SRS ?
    Exactly what do I file and in what order ?
    Please let me know what I need to do.
    My email is

    1. Una Post author


      You can change your gender marker in Missouri without SRS, but you almost certainly need the assistance of an attorney, and it may not be very cheap. Nonetheless, several have done it. If you would like more information on that subject or a name change, it might be better to contact an attorney. Look on our Business Directory here for Madeline Johnson – she is a Missouri attorney who is also trans herself, and she has helped many people out with this. She can at least give you some general advice on what to do.

  3. michellewhitney

    I was successful in getting my name changed and at least the gender marker changed on my D.L. and it feels wonderful. Now I have a second problem. My current wife and I have been separated for better than a year but we are still close friends. Since I am transitioning we decided to get divorced, it will also help both of us afford insurance, maybe. We both live in Kearney Missouri. We also reside in Clay County and have for several years. Due to lack of funds we can not afford attorney’s so we filed ourselves. We made it past the hearing and on to trial.
    A lady in front of me was granted her divorce, I was up next I repeated exactly the same thing but with two exceptions 1) I stated that I was transgender and was transitioning from male to female. 2) I did not say that the marriage was ” ireconcialbly broken “. The judge denied with a lecture that it was not what he was looking for and needed to hear and that I all the legal stuff that an attorney was required to do I was also required. He then stated that three minutes with an attorney and I would have known what he needed. Therefore I was denied.
    I contacted at least three attorney’s , they all knew which judge it was because he was the only one that handled divorces that individuals tried to do themselves, They also told me that there was format that was available on line and every county in Missouri would accept it except for this judge and he would not. They also said that 90% of individuals do not get their divorce granted with him unless they get an attorney. The attorney’s that I spoke with all charge a minimum of 1200.00 to do it, and one said they would give a list of questions that this judge wants answered for 650.00. I have also contacted legal aid and they will not take new clients.
    I am a single parent and have custody of my 15 year old son since he was 5. I work hard but I can not afford this kind of money as I live week to week and some times it’s all I can do to keep up with current expenses.
    My wife and I have no children with each other nor do we have any marital assets or property. I thought that since Missouri was a ” no fault state ” that this would and should have been a simple case especially since she and I agree on every thing and no one is contesting any thing, but apparently the judge is contesting it.
    Is there any where that I can get help with this without making my son and I homeless to pay for it.
    Michelle Boone

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  6. paigestormblade

    If the law has changed just recently.on the mo.law why are there old forms.
    For medical affirmation. We once needed to ensure a letter of recomendation for concidering gender change on.legal documents. as I was told that there was a new law silently changed judt wed of last week. just at the begining of fall this year, on not requiring SRS so the medical affirmation is conciderably 2003 based on examples and templates correct?. Or is it updated as before you had to have a letter. As now you don’t and it is ok to have a doctor phd or md a theripist or socical worker concider this change be done. how ever i had to express this to a state doctor, as i belive he thinks you have to have SRS still to have a marker change. DMH is one that is willing to sign mine because i have neen in their care for 20 or more years…need thos answered asap as im doing my own as a certifide mo pro se for 2 counties jackson and clay.

    1. Una Post author

      Hello Paige,

      I was sent some new information from Nyla a week ago and I’m trying to get confirmation before I post it on the site. I used to have an attorney who worked with me on this, but they decided to stop helping out; I’m sure you can guess why. I’m hoping to find some more information this week after things settle down.

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