Missouri to Accept Joint Tax Returns From Same-Sex Couples

Simply awesome news, and probably the start of of a trend. This will have broad impacts for Missouri LGBT couples, especially transgender couples where one partner is unable to change their legal sex.

Reading around the news sites for commentary on this announcement, some cynics have posited that the real reason this was done was to avoid a lawsuit brought by a same-sex couple for discrimination over their state taxes. However, most feel that this was primarily an initiative by Jay Nixon to expand LGBT rights administratively in the state.

I dearly hope Kansas and all other states follow Missouri’s lead.

Mo. to Accept Joint Tax Returns From Gay Couples :: EDGE New England.

1 thought on “Missouri to Accept Joint Tax Returns From Same-Sex Couples

  1. Madeline

    WOW! Absolutely amazing Missouri, the “Show Me State,” is actually out front of the rest of the country on this instead of the 48th state to follow suite. I’m proud of my state today! Thank you Governor Nixon for recognizing the equality of the LGBT community.

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