Medical News: Arthritis Drug MIGHT Lead to a Cure for Baldness

I want to stress MIGHT, because in this case we are talking about a sample size of one. However, when a sample size of one has such profound benefit, it’s at least worth reporting about.

Baldness and hair loss is a major source of mental anguish for many of my transgender sisters who, like me, did not begin their transition until middle age. Finasteride and Minoxidil can help (in some cases I’ve witnessed some major regrowth on folks), but usually they fall far short of expectations. And those who have too much hair loss are thus required to use wigs for the rest of their life.

Even though I was blessed with an intersex hormone disorder and thus have a full “female” head of hair, it is very fine and doesn’t fully have female hair “body.”

This drug looks intriguing, but as the article notes it can have some severe side effects. I’ve put it in my “watch this for news” pile so I can tell you as soon as a study is published.

Could arthritis drug lead to a cure for baldness? –

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