March 2020 Trans Talk and Community Calendar for March – April 2020

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Hello everyone! Welcome to March’s edition of Trans Talk!  We’re kicking off the show with the transgender news of the month as usual, and then we are going to be talking with three special guests by phone – first we will talk with Jules Brackins and Ari Copeland about Transgender Day of Visibility, and then Rachael Cady will be joining us, a freelance lighting and projection designer working in the Kansas City entertainment industry, designing for shows at many theatres.  We will be talking to her about her life and her art and the impact of the Coronavirus emergency

We do hope you will be able to join us this Saturday, March 28th at 1:00 pm on 90.1 KKFI, Kansas City Community Radio! You can also stream the program live on, or via various apps on your phone.


Monthly Community Calendar – by Fiona

Hello I’m Fiona Nowling with the Kansas City community calendar. As usual, all the calendar can be found on our Facebook page at

Top of the list today is something with a short deadline – Whim Productions is soliciting scripts for short plays (1 – 5 minutes in length) for a project titled “Queering COVID”.  These will either be performed in person after the crisis, or online via a streaming platform.  The deadline is 3/31/2020 or whenever they reach 200 plays!  For more details, please go to

March 31st is the Transgender Day of Visibility as we’ve been discussing already on the show.  Due to the Coronavirus emergency, the face to face Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce event is tentatively rescheduled for June 24th.  But they are having an online resource fair all day on March 31st.  There will be skill building workshops, panel discussions and more!  You can get more information and register at the Facebook event or direct at  &

Every month, I lead the Kansas City SOFFA group for Significant Others, Friends, Family, and Allies of Transgender and nonbinary persons.  Due to the Coronavirus emergency we are looking into ways to have virtual meetings. For more information, you can visit or always reach me by email at

Every third Thursday, the Equal Trans Support Group meets at 5:00 PM.  They are having virtual meetings during the Coronavirus emergency, so please join their Facebook group to get more details if you are interested. There is also a second group for friends of EQUAL at

JoCo Q-Space is a youth group for LGBTQ youth. They are doing some online activities during this, so for more information, go to

Gender Spectrum is also doing online groups for teens and pre-teens – you can find more information on them at

Passages, the LGBTQIA youth group in Kansas City, Missiouri, has suspended their meetings but they can still be reached for resources via their Facebook page at

There is an MTF support group at the Kansas City Center for Inclusion on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 6pm – they are suspended but the center is looking into online options during the emergency. There is an FTM support group elsewhere, both for adults and for youth, so if you are interested & want to find out options during the coronavirus emergency, please text or call Gus at 816-785-8686.

The Kansas City PFLAG chapter, which is Parents, Families, Friends, and Allies of LGBT people has a Facebook page where you can get more details on current activities –

I’m Fiona Nowling and that’s the community calendar for the upcoming month.

If you have any events that you think should be added to the calendar, please message us on the Tenth Voice Facebook page, which is where this calendar will be magically appearing at 2pm!

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