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Rare and Unusual Transgender Books Hosted On-Site

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By Publication Date
(1861) Guerin, E. J. “Mountain Charley”: The autobiography of E.J. Guerin, who lived in the wild west of the United States for 13 years as a man.

(1922) Werther, Ralph (Jennie June) “The Female Impersonators”: The sequel to the compelling “Autobiography of an Androgyne,” this and the prior book give an incredible view into the life of gender-variant, transgender, gay, and possibly intersex life in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

(1926) Ishlondsky, N. E. “Voluntary Change of Sex”: A translation of Professor Steinach’s groundbreaking work understanding how male and female hormones influence the human body, including studies into using cross-sex hormones on animals and humans.

(1927) Ellis, Havelock “Psychology of Sex, Volume 2: Sexual Inversion”: An early groundbreaking work on LGBT persons from a clinical viewpoint.

(1928) Bulliet, C.J. “Venus Castina”: A fascinating historical treatise on several crossdressers throughout history, some of which were almost certainly transgender.

(1956) Various authors, but including Harry Benjamin “Transvestism – Men in Female Dress”: This is a collection of articles reprinted from Sexology magazine and other sources, which despite its name has a strong focus on transgender persons.

(1964) Maddock, Larry “Sex Life of a Transvestite”: Exploitive and sensationalist book that provides some glimpse into gender-variant life in the mid-century.

(1969) Dylan, Bob “The Fifth Sex”: A book regarding intersex persons which has some useful information within it, but also a bit of sensationalism and exploitation.

(1972) Boileau, Dianne “Behold, I Am A Woman”: Brave autobiography of a Canadian transgender woman who faced many challenges in her life. This book is somewhat difficult to find, despite being recently published.

(1976) Erickson Educational Foundation “Guidelines for Transsexuals”: An invaluable resource at the time, printed and distributed by the non-profit organization founded by millionaire transgender man Reed Erickson.

Historical Transgender Magazines Hosted On-Site

Sixteen rare issues of Female Mimics magazine, from 1963-1979, containing both valuable history and objectification.

Fifty-three issues of Female Mimics International magazine, from 1980-1989. This magazine is more exploitive than Female Mimics magazine, but still has value as a window into the 1980’s world of transgender and crossdressing life.

Book Reviews – Biographies and Autobiographies

Ashley, April and Fallowell, Duncan. April Ashley’s Odyssey.

Chavalier, Meghan. Confessions of a Transsexual Porn Star

Cowell, Roberta. An Autobiography.

Morris, Jan. Conundrum.

Raskin, Lyn. Diary of a Transsexual.

Rechy, John. City of Night.

Richards, Renée. Second Serve

Book Reviews – Fiction

Ellis, P.R. Painted Ladies

Shane, Mark. Sex Gantlet to Murder / The Lady Was a Man (1955)

Vidal, Gore. Myra Breckinridge (1968) and Myron (1974)

Film Reviews

Adam est…Ève (1954)

I Want What I Want (1972)

The Triple Echo (1972)

Different for Girls (1996)

Kumu Hina (2014)

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