In Case You Were Wondering – About the Trans Student Harassing Girls in the News

RedHerringI have seen this pop up several places on the net, but each time I try to chase down details, they all lead back to the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) website. No details have been made available about this story, and as I mentioned, all paths lead back to a single source which speaks of anonymous students and teachers, focused on an event with no details, no direct reports from “victims,” and no independent verification.

So if you see this pop up in the news, look hard at it, and see if it’s just a rehash of the CBN piece, like this linked piece here from the Daily Mail is. If someone can find a much more substantive piece which has independent verification, please send it to me.

Girls ‘harassed’ in school bathroom by transgender student told his rights trump their privacy | Mail Online.

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