How to Build a Kinder Web for the Transgender Community

I’ve reported before about hacker-oriented activities for the benefit of the transgender community. In this article from Wired magazine, we learn of a hacking effort to help transgender persons in countries or in institutions which have web filters that screen out pro-transgender websites. Called Transgress, the very simple and basic site offers what is essentially an open proxy for accessing transgender websites and bypassing filters.

You might wonder whether this is needed in the United States, which currently has no laws which would mandate restricting of transgender websites. But the utility of this service is realized when we consider that due to the rampant poverty which is part of our community, many folks have to use public institutions (libraries, community centers, etc.) as their only means of internet access. And unfortunately these access points often restrict, mostly by accident, trans-related sites.

This is a really cool effort and one which has the potential to benefit some in the transgender community – but only if they know it exists. Thus, I’m trying to spread the news.

How to Build a Kinder Web for the Transgender Community | Enterprise | WIRED.

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