EXCLUSIVE: Transas City’s New Elderly Page


I have performed research and written an article on something which I think is of greatly overlooked importance: the issues and concerns facing elderly transgender persons. Over the last couple of years we’ve seen an enormous amount of press coverage and attention focused upon transgender kids, but while that is a highly important topic, I feel that the transgender elderly have been somewhat hidden from the spotlight of the media. Therefore, I have decided that one of the research missions of Transas City will be to focus on elderly issues (if you would like to learn more about the issues of transgender kids, I highly recommend Debi Jackson’s site, “Trans-Parenting.”)

To start this mission, I’ve created a page (linked below) which lists these concerns and provides information and some helpful resources. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer for the problems of transgender elderly in our society. But my hope is that by having information and reading about some of the potential pitfalls, we can all be forewarned and forearmed. And even if we are not yet a member of the transgender “silver age,” we can think about how we can lend a hand to our older brothers and sisters.

The Elderly Transgender Portal

2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Transas City’s New Elderly Page

  1. tasidevil

    Una, this is undoubtably the best review of the subject that I have ever seen. And being 73 and retired, I relate strongly to the issues. I’ll create a section on Sister House and link directly back to you. This needs to be addressed as discrimination is real and the elderly are less capable of dealing with it. How do you intend to go forward and address the issues? I’d like to be supportive. Unfortunately abuse of the elderly is all too common and made worse by being transgender.

  2. Una Post author

    Hello Tasi, and thank you for the kind words.

    I think I would like to build on my introduction to this very important subject in three ways – first by increasing awareness, which is sort of wishy-washy (“awareness never fed one person”, said an Internet sage once) but which I think must really be done as well to expand the narrative of transgender lives. The second thing is to find solutions – discover what can actually be done, provide instructions and help for others who want to re-create success. And third, to find some better medical advice for some of the most critical questions – the number one question which most elderly transgender people have is “how long can I take hormones?” And at this time, we really don’t know, but there may be a way to do a study of some sort, or surveys.

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