Exclusive to Transas City – Current Protections for Missouri and Kansas Transgender Students


Lawrence J. Altman, the Lead Compliance Attorney of the Exceptional Education Department of the Kansas City Missouri Public School District, has written a legal report on the current status of laws which may protect transgender students who wish to use gender-congruent bathrooms and participate in scholastic athletics.  This is a follow-up on his groundbreaking work previously published on Transas City, Status of the Laws that May Protect Transgender Students from Bullying and Harassment.

Mr. Altman has spent considerable time researching and writing up these vital points which every parent of a transgender child in the Kansas City metropolitan area should read. Please share the page linked below so others may benefit from it.

And thank you so much, Larry, for stepping forward and giving us the benefit of your expertise and hard work!

Link to the report: California Leads the Way – Legal Protections for Missouri and Kansas Transgender Students.

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