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Counselors and Therapists

Genex Therapeutic Solutions LLC

Provider(s):Rae Bowerman, LMSW
Address: 5600 W. 95th Street Suite 108, Overland Park, KS 662078080
Call: 913-952-0308

Description (from the Website): Rae Bowerman (pronouns they/them/theirs) is the owner, founder, and therapist at GENEX Therapeutic Solutions, LLC, the Midwest’s Gender-Expansive Resource for Therapy, Consulting, Training, and Education.

At GENEX, Rae’s areas of expertise and focus are (but are not limited to) gender, sex, and sexuality. Rae utilizes trauma-informed therapeutic modalities and approaches in their psychotherapy work, prioritizing an overarching gender-expansive awareness, respect, and validation. Rae believes the key to a solid, productive, trusting therapeutic relationship comes from acknowledging each client as unique, the expert of their own experiences; this is the foundation of each and every therapeutic interaction at GENEX.

As a person in their 40s raised in the midwest who identifies as non-binary/genderqueer/genderfluid, Rae’s lived experience is one of the most significant motivating factors in their work as a psychotherapist. Rae’s first language is spoken English and they are also fluent in American Sign Language, having been an interpreter for 22+ years with extensive experience in behavioral health and medical settings. Rae is a member of The Midwest LGBT Chamber of Commerce and The Kansas City LGBT Affirming Therapist Guild.

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