The Transgender Institute

Address: 8080 Ward Parkway, Suite 400, Kansas City, Missouri 64114
Fax: 816-237-1343
Call: 816-305-0943

The Transgender Institute is my alma mater, and likely that of a majority of transpeople in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Caroline Gibbs is the lead therapist and founder of the Institute, and was recently joined by therapist Patti Concannon.

5 thoughts on “Counseling

  1. caroline

    Una, Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing. Persistence! Patience! There is a splendid new quote from Aristotle on our FB page. Take a peek. Fondly, Caroline

  2. Una Post author

    kieshasilver93 – it’s best that you contact Caroline at the Transgender Institute directly, and she can tell you. Her contact details are above. Thanks!

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