Christian Broadcasting Network Bears False Witness in Claim Trans Student Harassed Girls in the Restroom

falsewitnessI reported on this a few days ago, and called into question the veracity of the story. It turns out, thanks to fine detective work by Cristan Williams at The Transadvocate, it’s a fraud. One, single, parent complained about a transgender student’s mere presence in the school. Says Superintendent Rhonda Vendetti in the audio clip at the link below, “there has not been a situation…there’s not been an incident of harassment…” etc. She further reports that the vast majority of the students and parents support the trans student.

So who are the bad actors here? The Pacific Justice Institute, the Christian Broadcasting Network, The Examiner, etc. Not one of which has issued a retraction.

Trans Student Attacking Girls in School Restroom! Or, you know… not. | The Transadvocate.

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