Can God Make People Who Don’t Fit Into Our Boxes?

Seriously, this is an excellent, if lengthy read which any Christian or one who is among conservative Christians should read. Pastor Morgan Guyton makes a lengthy and logical plea for conservative Christians to accept transgender persons, using multiple references from the Bible, to accept that we are in fact following God’s directives in our transition. I think he builds a good case and shows a lot of sympathy. Although he seems to be a bit befuddled about why someone would be transgender, it ultimately doesn’t matter. The arguments herein could be very useful for presenting to relatives or acquaintances who decide to hate you based on their “understanding” of the Bible.

From the article:

Nothing is a greater abuse of the Christian doctrine of humanity’s “fallen nature” than to use it as a means of dismissing other peoples’ created uniqueness as a mistake. The fact of the matter is that the Bible says nothing prescriptively about what people should do when the gender that they were assigned at birth is not the gender with which they identify, or about how to distinguish the people who are “really” that way from the libertines who are “faking it.” In fact, in Matthew 19:12 Jesus refers to “eunuchs who were born that way,” the term “eunuch” broadly representing the ancient concept of people who don’t fit in the world as regular males or females. When Christians try to turn Genesis 1:28’s statement that “God created them male and female” into a prescriptive prohibition of the acknowledgment of transgender identities, it’s about as reasonable as saying that astronomy is a sin because Genesis 1:14 says that stars are lights that God built into a dome in the sky. (Oh, wait! That sounds like what the church did to Galileo and Copernicus.)

The real reason that, in such Christians’ minds, transgender or other gender-nonconforming people cannot be allowed to exist is that they represent an existential threat to the conservative evangelical fetish of gender complementarity. If God created some people both male and female, then how in the world can their gender expression and/or sexual orientation be adjudicated and policed by others? The biblical prohibition on homosexuality and gender transgression becomes meaningless if we can’t say for sure that everyone is either fully male or fully female, which would mean that cisgender, heterosexual Christians don’t get to give themselves a gold star for being “normal.”

There are all sorts of “liberal” and “conservative” idolatries that we can fall into around sexuality and gender. We shouldn’t be fetishizing either normalcy or exoticism. In both cases we are worshiping creation rather than the creator. I happen to think that we are best guided by Paul’s pragmatic guiding principles in 1 Corinthians 7 of “promoting good order and devotion to the Lord” when we think about these matters.

If someone’s “good order and devotion to the Lord” can be less disrupted by modifying their anatomy, or even just their gender presentation, to match their gender identity, then why should any reasonable Christian oppose that? When Russell Moore says that this smacks of the “Faustian myth of our own limitless power to recreate ourselves,” is he willing to take this kind of anti-scientific stance consistently against the use of medical technology for other biological issues like helping kids who are born without vital organs or with genetic diseases?

Can God Make People Who Don’t Fit Into Our Boxes? The Transgender Question | Morgan Guyton.

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