Brynn Tannehill: The Canary in the Coal Mine


Brynn Tannehill takes a look at the recently-released Pew Research report on LGBT attitudes and acceptance, and brings forward four excellent points:

  1. Trangender acceptance is still abominably low.
  2. We are at risk of being “left behind” by the LGB community after said community gains same-sex marriage and workplace protections.
  3. If the trans community has to “go it alone” against the mass of hate groups and transphobes, fundamentalist Christians, an unsympathetic press and media, and eugenics proponents, then we will be in for a long fight.
  4. If most other groups were subjected to the same mistreatment and marginalization as transgender persons are, it would be a national crisis. And yet…

Brynn Tannehill: The Canary in the Coal Mine.

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