Argentina: Pregnant Transman Groom Weds Transwoman in a Legal First

I confess I’m reluctant to run stories like this, because there’s a certain amount of media exploitation about this subject. Stories like this are meant to grab the attention of the 99.7% of cisgender readers out there, to say “hey, look at these nuts!”

I will say though that this short MSN article doesn’t really sensationalize their story, so I call attention to it. Someone asked me today why it seemed like these events were making the news more and more in the last few years, and I don’t have a good answer. Part of the reason could be that transgender topics are the news of the day since about 2010, but part of the reason could be that maybe, just maybe, the “invisible wall” between transmen and transwomen is breaking down just a little? I’d love that to be the case.

In Argentina, pregnant groom weds in a legal first – xinmsn Lifestyle.

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