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Talk To Your Children!

A person with different coloured eyes, head wrapped so only their eyes and nose show, with a a rainbow prism across half their face

Photo by Alex Perez on Unsplash

Following on from some recent discussions in outreach and education where I have urged people to talk to their children about gender and sexuality early, and to encourage friends to do the same, here’s a link from Parents magazine with advice about how to do that – specifically about how to explain about being nonbinary, but the tips and information in here are adaptable to any gender identity and can extend to explaining about the fact that some people have two mommies, or two daddies, or two parents, or just one, or three or more.

Kids understand so much more than people tend to give them credit for, and if you talk to your kids early and often about gender and sexuality, you could spare them years of fear and struggle as they try to work out if it is safe to come out to you, and years of not being themselves. From a purely selfish viewpoint, you can save yourself years of guilt at not seeing that your child was struggling and not realising and helping them sooner. Some children have even committed suicide because they were too afraid to come out to their parents, and their parents would have been accepting. Don’t put anyone through that. Talk to your children.