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Where Mainstream Blogs Get it Wrong: Joan Rivers is a “Longtime LGBT ally?”

I guess she’s a “longtime LGBT ally” if the “L” is a typographical error, the “B” is silent, and the “T” was added by a politically correct editor. This is just more proof that “mainstream” blogs get it wrong some of the time.

Joan Rivers was and as far as I can tell is not an ally of transpeople at all, other than chumming it up at times with RuPaul (who is a self-deprecating crossdresser, not a transsexual). I can well remember sitting and seething silently as on Johnny Carson, ET, and even in her Oscar night fashion bits she made very cruel jokes about or referring to transpeople. And she recently received bad press by referring to Michelle Obama as a “tranny.”

Inquiring about the impromptu ceremony, an unidentified reporter asked controversial octogenarian when we will have a gay president, to which she replied, “We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down.

She then goes on — unprompted! — to say “You know Michelle is a tranny.” When the reporter attempts to clarify, she responds: “A transgender. We all know.”

When fellow comedian and long-time anti-LGBT celebrity Tracy Morgan apologized for his anti-gay jokes, Rivers said he shouldn’t have bothered, since gay people shouldn’t be watching him anyways. And when fellow 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin made an anti-gay slur, Rivers again jumped to the defense with her own anti-gay comments.

I’m not trying to be mean-spirited and wish her or her family pain in her illness, but for goodness sake, let’s be honest here – she is not an ally of transpeople and her record is spotty at best for the LGB community. The author of this article has just grabbed “LGBT” and thrown it out there without any real thought or meaning.

Daughter: Longtime LGBT ally Joan Rivers is in ‘serious condition’ – LGBTQ Nation.

Transgender Pride Flag Designer Applauds Smithsonian LGBT Artifacts Collection

I’m glad that the Smithsonian is taking stewardship of some important artifacts from LGBT history. I’ve seen many small efforts, run by individuals or small groups, gather a bunch of resources and then vanish. Or university collections which basically went into permanent cold storage once funding and interest waned.

An important icon of the collection is the original transgender flag, designed by Monica Helms.

Helms devised the transgender flag in 1999, 20 years after the introduction of the rainbow flag for the LGBT community. Just like the American flag represents the whole country but each state has its own flag as well, Helms feels like “the rainbow flag is the LGBTQ flag for everybody, and each individual group can have their own flag for their own individuality.”


In fact, she was inspired to create a flag for the trans community by Michael Page, who had designed a flag for the bisexual community the year before. Following his example, Helms says that “it was almost like waking up from a dream and seeing it.” She drew it out, contacted the same company who had created Page’s bi pride flag, picked out some swatches, and about a week later she had the first flag. It was that very first flag that she donated this month.

There is more information at the source on the symbolism of the flag and the rest of the Smithsonian’s collection. Perhaps some day they’ll display my, um, laptop…sure.
Transgender Pride Flag Designer Applauds Smithsonian LGBT Artifacts Collection | ThinkProgress.

Transas City Chairwoman Speaks on the Radio a Second Time on Religion and Transgender Persons

Hello everyone. If you follow Transas City you’ve undoubtedly seen the series I’ve been posting on my research into the relationship between religion, faith, and transgender persons. Today I will be on the radio live at 1:00pm-2:00pm to speak on that very subject as part of The Tenth Voice on KKFI FM 90.1. Hostess Sandra Meade, the State Chair of the Kansas Equality Coalition, will interview me on my research, and you can stream the program over the web if you are outside the area via a link on KKFI’s home page.

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;’ Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’

Alright folks, it’s fight the propaganda time. Again.

My attention was drawn by some trolls on a message board to this article on CNS News where an ex-psychiatrist-in-chief of Johns Hopkins claims, Paul McHugh, that transgender persons have a mental disorder, and that transgender rights is kowtowing to a politically correct farce of backing up our madness.


The first thing I want to tell you folks is this is older news which some on the internet are just now dredging up. The original news piece came from an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal of June 12 by McHugh titled “Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution”, which later gained some traction when Barbara Kay used another op-ed piece in the National Post to poke at us.

One of the primary reasons which McHugh, and his virtual sycophant Kay, point to as a reason for pushing to deny us transition surgery is a technical report that they cite, in which they claim that “the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people.”

That sounds scary, doesn’t it? It’s worded so that a quick or casual reading of it implies that transsexual surgery may actually increase, or give no benefit, for those who have it in terms of suicide rates. However, that’s not what the original study says at all! The study, which can be downloaded or read at this link, is a highly limited study which ONLY finds that the suicide rate for transsexuals who had surgery is higher than cisgender persons. Well, duh. Like all of us know, surgery won’t fix a messed up life – it will not end discrimination, it will not restore lost careers, and it will not suddenly reconcile family and friends who have turned their backs on us.

The ONLY thing this study really shows us is that transsexual surgery seems to result in an improvement in the quality of life, but the effects on suicides relative to other transgender persons who have NOT had surgery, is unknown. In fact, if you want a comprehensive look at how treatment helps improve our quality of life, please see my comprehensive article at this link.

In short, this news article is nothing more than sloppy reporting, stacked on top of earlier sloppy reporting.

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;’ Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’ | CNS News.

San Francisco PD Welcomes First Transgender Officer

It may seem very ironic that San Francisco, one of the cradles of transgender rights, and one of the very first places where the police actively sought to work with the transgender population (via officer Elliot Blackstone) for social justice, has taken this long to see its first transgender police officer sworn in.

Officer Mikayla Connell is featured in a video at the link below, where she says that being the first means:

“It means you can’t screw up, because you can’t ruin it for everyone coming behind you.”

“I know people, especially in the trans community, are going to be watching me,” she adds. “I can’t let them down.”

Connell first applied to be a police officer 23 years ago, notes KTVU. “But I was a little immature back then,” she explains. She chose to leave the academy and enter the military, then study law.

Good luck, officer Connell!

WATCH: San Francisco Police Dept. Welcomes First Transgender Officer |

Michelle Duggar Warns Arkansas Community That Transgender People Are Child Predators

I’m not even sure how a person picks someone like Michelle Duggar to be one of their spokespeople. I mean, we already know from her reality show that she’s a seriously messed-up religous zealot, forcing her girls to only wear skirts and to have their hair long, let alone the fact she’s somehow given birth to 19 children out of wanting to have her own Biblical-ordained “quiver full.”

So of course we would expect she would be amenable to slurring transgender people, apparently since she has put no actual thought into the true meaning of her Bible. Something which I’ve covered at length here on Transas City. Therefore, Duggar has been recorded for a political robocall, which is speaking out against a proposed non-discrimination ordinance for Fayetteville, Arkansas, such as the one we recently campaigned in favor of in Roeland Park.

In a new robocall obtained by the Fayetteville Flyer, Duggar claims that the bill will “allow men — yes I said men — to use womens’ and girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, showers, sleeping areas and other areas that are designated for females only.” She goes onto describe “males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female” who would enter these private areas.

Duggar also suggests that gender identity is the “preference of an adult” and that should never be placed over “the safety and innocence of a child.”

Mercifully, it turns out her effort failed, because by a 6-2 vote the Fayetteville nondiscrimination ordinance passed.

What this episode has been useful for is revealing yet another television “celebrity bigot” to keep our collective eyes on.

Michelle Duggar Warns Arkansas Community That Transgender People Are Child Predators | ThinkProgress.

Sexile – a Graphic Novel of the Life of Transgender Activist Adela Vazquez

I have on Transas City the graphic novel Sexile, which tells the life of transgender Cuban exile Adela Vazquez. The graphic novel is an easy read, although it does touch your heart in many ways as you recognize shared feelings and experiences with the heroine. Much more information and a link to the novel may be found at the link below.

Sexile – a Graphic Novel of the Life of Transgender Activist Adela Vazquez

Court Rulings Are A Victory For Transgender Men

Two recent court rulings, one in Arizona and one in California, have given support to transgender men by different but similar rulings. In Arizona, a three-judge appeals court ruled that Thomas Beatie – infamously known as “the pregnant man” – could legally divorce his wife, thus de facto recognizing that his marriage existed. In California, transman porn star Buck Angel won a ruling in the Superior Court that his marriage was valid, and thus he could divorce his wife.

Divorce is only very rarely a happy occasion for anyone involved, but at least in this case these two divorces helped serve a greater purpose.

Court Rulings Are A Victory For Transgender Men | ThinkProgress.

Oregon Health Authority To Cover Hormones, Surgery for Transgender People

Please note, this only applies to those who are covered under Medicaid within the state. With this action Oregon joins California, Colorado, Vermont, and Washington DC in covering transgender health care. Again, we slowly are making progress towards complete equality.

Oregon Health Authority To Cover Hormones, Surgery for Transgender People.

Medical Experts: Laura Ingraham’s Transgender Youth Advice Is “Dangerous,” “Child Abuse”

Laura Ingraham is one of those people who because she is photogenic is often touted as an “expert commentator” on various issues in public policy and science, despite only having a law degree. She’s had a somewhat unsavory career since her college days, where some of her accomplishments included “allegedly secretly taped meetings of a Dartmouth LGBT student group, later publishing the transcripts and the names of the officers in The Review.” However, despite a college career where she evinced the most strident anti-LGBT views imaginable, she later “came to Jesus” after her brother revealed he was gay. So she says.

Here we see Laura Ingraham playing the role of medical commentator, in claiming that parents of transgender children who encourage treatment and help for their children as being guilty of child abuse, dropping vague warnings about puberty blockers and hormones which are sure to rile up the average American scientific ignoramus. You can read the article via the link below, and listen to a clip from her radio show.

These things are expected to happen, of course, so long as the American public responds via false authority syndrome to a pretty face and body, ignoring all those “boring egghead” researchers who could never appear on the cover of Cosmopolitan.

Medical Experts: Laura Ingraham’s Transgender Youth Advice Is “Dangerous,” “Child Abuse” | Blog | Media Matters for America.

The Bible and Transgender Persons Part 8: Secrets of the Body and a Genderless Soul?

Ecclesiastes-115In our last roundup of the Old and New Testaments for a little while, I want to call out two specific passages which are concerned with the body and the soul. The first, from Ecclesiastes 11:5, is often interpreted as being a rejection of transgender people by telling us that we do not know more out ourselves than God knows about us – thus it’s presumptuous to say that we know we were born in the wrong body. The objection to transgender persons via this verse of course is hypocritical, in that the person objecting is also pronouncing that God never intended to create transgender persons in the first place. In other words, it’s “God-in-a-boxism” all over again.

ArdhanarisvaraThe second passage is from Galatians 3:28, and is concerned with the concept of whether souls have gender. This passage should be interpreted as favorable to transgender people in its plain-test reading, although different translations can change the intend very subtly. In the case of this verse, the substitution of “and” for “nor” makes a huge difference, and depending upon which translation one reads, one may have a completely different interpretation. For crying out loud, I think some of the newer translators might benefit from an old Schoolhouse Rock lesson.

Boxing Legend Frank Maloney Reveals New Life as a Woman

I confess I do not follow boxing at all – I don’t even know when boxing season starts, although I’m somewhat aware of events which occur the day after Christmas…

(just kidding)

In any event, this story is making significant headlines in the same general martial arts circles which have also followed Fallon Fox and Parinya Charoenphol. At age 61 Kellie Maloney has come late into the sisterhood, but she knew since she was very young that she was transgender.

She told the Sunday Mirror: “I was born in the wrong body and I have always known I was a woman. I can’t keep living in the shadows, that is why I am doing what I am today. Living with the burden any longer would have killed me.

“What was wrong at birth is now being medically corrected. I have a female brain. I knew I was different from the minute I could compare myself to other children. I wasn’t in the right body. I was jealous of girls.”

Kellie Maloney stands out as continued proof that we are all real, we all have suffered, and we all have to put our lives on the line at some point if we are to finish our journeys.

Boxing legend Frank Maloney reveals new life as a woman | Sport | The Guardian.

UPDATED – Open House at the Transgender Institute, Sunday, August 10!


I was asked by the wonderful Caroline Gibbs today to announce that there will be an Open House at the Transgender Institute this Sunday, August 10, from 4 – 7pm. And in typical Transgender Institute style, it’s going to be a lavish affair to which all are welcome to attend!

The activities which are planned include:

  • Wardrobe advice and a fashion show.
  • Information about a new clothing store focusing on transgender women.
  • Makeup artists and consultants.
  • Hair, brows, electrolysis, and laser information.
  • Weight loss information.
  • Food, drink, and good times!

But on top of all this, there will be two highlights at this Open House. First, Stephanie Mott and her Jazz band will be performing live music through the night. If you’ve never heard Stephanie sing before, then you are really in for a treat! And second, Chloe Prince and the ladies from the exciting Trans Across America documentary project will be joining by Skype on the big screen to talk and answer questions.

This is an event you cannot miss, and best of all it’s absolutely free! For more details, driving directions, and other information please contact the Transgender Institute directly.

The Transgender Institute
8080 Ward Parkway, Suite 400
Kansas City, Missouri 64114
Call: 816-305-0943

Canadian Trans Girl Gets Amended Birth Certificate; Has Even Bigger Goals

Harriette-Cunningham-transgender-girlHarriette Cunningham, a resident of British Columbia, was able to amend her birth certificate’s gender marker thanks to a change in the law that previously required surgery by transgender individuals. The 11-year-old was first in line when the courts opened to have her documents updated.

“It’s not just a piece of paper. It matters to me to have me properly represented.”

Harriette is a girl on a mission. When she researched her rights in her province, she became frustrated at the surgical requirement and has decided that gender should not be marked on birth certificates at all. She and her family plan to go before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal in October along with other activists to fight for a change in the law.

“I want to get gender off the birth certificates so when a child is born they don’t put ‘M’ or ‘F’ on their birth certificate. That would have made it a lot easier for me.”

Let’s hope Harriette and her supporters are able to make a difference in British Columbia and throughout Canada.

Here in the US, the AMA has recently recommended that all states change their laws to allow people to change their gender markers without any surgical requirement. Most states require surgery to have a birth certificate’s gender marker amended. A few states allow for “irreversible medical treatment” which means that hormone therapy is considered enough intervention to warrant a gender marker change. Some states (Idaho, Ohio, and Tennessee) will not allow a marker to be changed even with surgery. You can check your state’s requirements on the Lambda Legal website.

The need for this change in policy affects adults and children differently. (I won’t get into the obvious and terrifying issues affecting adults here such as police harassment and physical violence, because as a mom of a youngster, my knowledge is limited in what transmen and transwomen go through daily.) As more kids are able to transition early, blending in and being able to go through childhood “in stealth” and even through puberty in their teens, their school records are often not updated because of their birth certificates. They can be accidentally outed during roll call by substitutes or on official test records. Getting into a college and receiving the correct living arrangements can become a tangled mess. Because children cannot legally have surgery, they have practically no chance of getting a birth certificate corrected.

I, for one, will be lobbying to get the policy changed where we live. Will you join me and start petitioning in your area, too?

The Bible and Transgender Persons Part 7: Is Surgery a Sin?

In the latest addition to our deconstruction of the misunderstandings of religion and how it views transgender and intersex persons, we address the versus contained within 1 Corinthians 6:18-20, which appear to prohibit most aspects of body transition.

Shun fornication! Every sin that a person commits is outside the body; but the fornicator sins against the body itself Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you were bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body.

This at first appears to be a more vague version of Leviticus 19:28. However, what we find here is that Christianity has long since abandoned a strict prohibition against cosmetic body modification, so the question is raised as to why SRS or FFS is any more sinful than porcelain veneers, breast augmentation, or tummy tucks?

You can read a complete examination of these verses at the link below.1 Corinthians 6:18-20