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‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Still Applies to Transgender Service Members


I think it could be a while until transgender service members are allowed, for medical reasons if nothing else, rather than psychological ones. I liked this quote from the article.

“Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell was repealed to end discrimination against service members on the basis of sexual orientation and identity,” Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., wrote in an email to U.S. News. “There is a ‘T’ in ‘LGBT’.”

Ellison has been among the most outspoken members of Congress on this issue, and is vice chairman of the Congressional Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Caucus.

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Still Applies to Transgender Service Members – US News and World Report.

Settlement Reached in Transgender Bathroom Case

Finally! It’s so rare when a transperson wins a discrimination case against law enforcement, in part because juries are cowed into assuming that everything the police say is the gospel truth. In this case, Iowa woman Jodie Jones wins money and gets an agreement that the sheriff’s department will receive training on how to deal with transpeople.

Settlement reached in transgender bathroom case | The Des Moines Register |

Take a Look at the Beautiful Dani St. James – Transwoman

According to the article, “…she is now a London nightclub manager and still keeps a photo of herself as Daniel.

She said: “I prefer to be seen as a woman but most people never guess.””

Beauty queen constestant was born a man | The Sun |News.

Lateral Hostility and the Transgender Woman

A compelling article about inter-trans hostility. This is something which I have been the victim of in the past, although it’s been entirely online, and entirely at the hands of self-diagnosed transwomen, some of whom I’m pretty sure were not really trans at all. Remember, on the Internet, no one knows if you’re a woman, man, or Labrador.

Lateral Hostility and the Transgender Woman – InfoBarrel.

iHookers? ‘Transgender Sex Workers’ May Really Love the Meatpacking Apple Store


An incredibly biased article in the New York Observer, focusing on alleged transgender alleged sex workers allegedly using free WiFi etc. at an Apple store. The article is very subtly nasty, and an example of how an “innocent” news article can do a lot of harm.

iHookers? ‘Transgender Sex Workers’ May Really Love the Meatpacking Apple Store | Observer.

New York: Transgender Candidate Could Become a First in NYC

NEW YORK: Transgender candidate could become a first in NYC | National | The Island Packet.

From the article:

“Mel Wymore is a typical city council candidate in many ways, campaigning as a community board appointee, ex-PTA chair and founder of a roster of local organizations. But Wymore’s community-leader resume has an unusual feature: He built much of it while he was a woman.

If he wins, Wymore would be the first openly transgender person elected to public office in the nation’s biggest city and one of only a handful ever in the U.S., though his campaign is neither emphasizing his personal story nor sidestepping it.”

From what I read, I applaud their courage, but disagree with their politics. C’est la vie.

Medical intervention in transgender adolescents appears to be safe and effective


From the article:

“Hormonal interventions to block the pubertal development of children with gender dysphoria are effective and sufficiently safe to alleviate the stress of gender dysphoria,” said the study’s lead author, Henriette Delemarre-van de Waal, MD, PhD, a professor of pediatric endocrinology at Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands.

An adolescent who identifies as the opposite sex—now called transgender or gender dysphoric rather than transsexual—often considers the body changes of puberty to be unbearable, Delemarre-van de Waal said.

“Reversible hormone treatment can relieve the psychological suffering of youth with gender dysphoria and allows the adolescent time to explore whether permanent hormone treatment and sex reassignment surgery is the best option,” she said.

Medical intervention in transgender adolescents appears to be safe and effective.

National Tally on 2012 Anti-LGBTQ Violence Released

While some improvements were noted in the massive report, transpeople still get the short end of the stick. From the report:

“The homicide rate for 2012 is the fourth highest since NCAVP began reporting, and severe violence against people of color, transgender, gender non-conforming and HIV-affected people remains alarmingly high. The report finds that 73 percent of all homicide victims in 2012 were people of color, yet LGBTQ and HIV-affected people of color only represented 53 percent of total survivors and victims. The overwhelming majority of homicide victims were African American (54 percent), followed distantly by Latinos (16 percent), Whites (12 percent), and Native American (3.85 percent). More than half (62 percent) of victims were women, many of whom identified as transgender women.”

via National Tally on 2012 Anti-LGBTQ Violence Released :: EDGE Miami.

Idaho GOP Urges Lawmakers to Erase LGBT Protections


I mean, really? Whatever happened to the whole mantras of “local rule” and “let communities decide for themselves?” Instead, having blocked LGBT protections at the state level, Idaho Repulbicans now want to preempt cities from enacting their own protections?

GOP urges lawmakers to erase LGBT protections | KTVB.COM Boise.

Social Security Administration: SRS No Longer Required for Changing Gender Markers

What’s equally important is this: “NOTE: In some cases an individual’s sex may impact eligibility for benefits dependent upon spousal relationships. To make title II entitlement or title XVI eligibility determinations dependent upon marriage, follow the instructions in GN 00305.005B. Do not use sex field data on SSA records to make marital status determinations.” This means that if you change your SS record, it will NOT change your benefits eligibility, only the actual legal status of your marriage changes it.

via SSA – POMS: RM 10212.200 – Changing Numident Data for Reasons other than Name Change – 06/13/2013.